This is a compilation of work I did at The Wall Street Journal Online. Some work may not be viewed fully because the Web site requires a subscription.

Written work:
Aug. 29: How One Vote Leads to One President
Frontlines Blog post on Aug. 18: On This Day … A Right to Vote
Frontlines Blog post on Aug. 1: On This Day … In Flight
Frontlines Blog post on July 25: On This Day … In Space

Multimedia work: I contributed to the written content and some design of the following pieces.
For a more specific breakdown of my efforts in these projects, please contact me via e-mail.
June 26: Derby Turns Combine
The Supreme Court Rulings Limiting Executive Power

June 29: Myanmar’s Belief in the Dead
July 8: Shaping the Steelers’ History
July 15: A Life of Cartoons
July 17: More Education, Less Unemployment
July 18: Starbucks closings list
July 24: Money Managers Learn to Breathe Deeply
July 26: Secure Against the Taliban
Aug. 1: Wagoner’s GM
Aug. 5: No Fun for Six Flags Amid Slump
Aug. 8: Getting Boys to Read, Olympic Memories
Aug. 11: Cows Go Mini
Aug. 14: President Musharraf’s 10 Years
Aug. 17: Phelps Wins Eight Golds
Aug. 18: Olympics Photos of the Days also worked on other days through the Olympics from Aug. 8-24.
Aug. 19: Myanmar’s Celebrity Monk, Road to Gold
Aug. 20: Mark Spitz’s Legacy
Aug. 25: Rafael Nadal’s Stardom
Aug. 28: Graphic for Immune System’s Double Duty
Aug. 29: How One Vote Leads to One President
Sept. 1: Hunters Return to Sea
Sept. 9: Fannie, Freddie and Henry
Sept. 11: The Changing Skyline of Lower Manhattan